Many Las Vegas locals ponder, “Do I need a water softener?” Whether you’ve owned a home for years and are considering this add-on, or your a new homebuyer wanting to get things done right the first time, we have an answer for you.

It’s not just plumbers, ask any local who’s added a water softener to their home and they’ll agree – it’s a must have in Vegas! But don’t take it from us, here’s what a few people had to say from popular Las Vegas forums:

  • It’s well worth it to have a water softener [in Las Vegas], the water is very hard…
  • My water was tested at a hardness of 10, 171ppm. So yes, [Las Vegas] officially has hard water.
  • We had never had a water softener until we bought our house a few years ago. I don’t think I would ever be able to go back. I noticed the biggest difference in my laundry and when I shower…
  • Long ago I didn’t use a water softener and had to tackle very hard water deposits on my shower that could only be removed by replacing the entire glass.

For more, do a search on any Las Vegas forum for, “water softener” and the resounding answer is that, YES, a water softener is highly recommended – especially in Las Vegas.

Who are the best water softener companies in Las Vegas?

Installing a new water softener requires heavy work on your homes plumbing system, enough so that requires that you pull a permit for installation. Hiring the right plumber is crucial, as the Clark County website mentions that, “A faulty installation could cause an explosion and jeopardize the safety and home of your family.” If you’re in Las Vegas shopping for a water softener, please read 10 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Plumber. We’re a family owned Summerlin plumbing company serving all of Las Vegas, we’re led by Dino – an experienced plumber with over 30+ years experience. If you want a company who’s honest & affordable, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (702) 460-9426.

How do I know I need a new water softener?

Some of the cheaper water softeners require high maintenance and vice-versa with the better priced water softeners. Warranties range from a few years, up to 20 years. It’s fairly easy to spot a water softener that’s failing, generally you’re water will turn out much harder. Which means:

  • Spotty dishes
  • Harder water when showering (soft water has a silk like feel)
  • Washed clothing not turning out the same (hard water has minerals that stick to the clothing effecting brightness and feel)
  • Water taste different – salt is added to softened water to remove minerals
  • Clogged Pipes – hard water creates mineral deposits that have the potential to clog pipes.

Which water softeners do we recommend?

We recommend Water Boss water softeners. It’s small, compact, and user friendly – making loading or replacing salt effortless. It’s always a whole house water system, excellent on the skin for softness, makes cloths brighter, and it prolongs the life of the fixtures by softening the mineral deposits. We work within your budget to bring you the best water softener for your household. If you have any questions feel free to ask us and we can talk about your options. Whatever it is, we can work within your budget to bring you the best water softener for your household.

Random Fact about Vegas’ hard water: 90%+ of Las Vegas water supply comes from Lake Mead, which comes from melted snow caps from the Rocky Mountains. As the snow melts, it absorbs magnesium and calcium, minerals that make our water hard! A water softener replaces those minerals with mineral that bring the opposite effect (soft water), such as sodium or potassium.

If you’re searching for a “water softener las vegas” we can help you with your options. Call us today at (702) 460-9426.