Do you have damaged or worn plumbing pipes? Do you see mold or smell mildew? Have you noticed a drop in water pressure? If so you should consider our repipe/repiping services. If you’re considering repiping your home you should ask yourself a couple of questions, starting with WHY? We’re going to go over a few options and the different reasons to repipe your home, and we’re going to find out which repiping option is best for you, the homeowner.

Since we are Las Vegas plumbers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s somewhat of a pitch element to this, as such the #1 reason to repipe your home is:

Illegal Piping – Do you know who handled your plumbing? This is usually the problem with your typical “craigslist handyman,” but even licensed plumbing contractors have been known to sometimes put in piping that isn’t up to building code, and as such, is illegal. We like to call this situation a “Mickey Mouse Operation” (ie. amateur hour) and should be taken seriously as it could be a hazard. Most times people don’t know there piping isn’t up to code until they require plumbing work done and/or when the they try to sell their house and find out during the inspection that they can’t sell it because of the hazardous piping. This is why we always recommend that hire the right plumber the first time, because hiring the right plumber usually saves you money in the long run. Here at Dino's Plumbing, our lead plumber has over 30+ years experience and has worked with numerous repipes, for residential, and many commercial Las Vegas businesses. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call! Let’s jump into a few more reasons:

Old Galvanized Pipes – Galvanized piping is a strong plumbing/tubing material, and people use to think that it doesn’t rust but it does. Since galvanized pipes are coated with zinc, when it reacts to minerals in the water, it causes build up inside of the pipes. When this happens it causes blockages and slows the water flow and could potentially lead to pipes that burst. When your piping does buildup, it rusts. And it’s never healthy to drink water from rusted pipes.

Copper Pipes – Low quality copper pipes are known to leak, Since Las Vegas does have hard water the minerals tend to eat away at the copper piping making repiping inevitable if you’re home was built or remodeled with poor quality piping.

Ki-Tec or RTI Material – My recommendation of repiping is if you have ki-tec or rti material in your house, they’re involved in a class action law suit. That’s when you certainly need to repipe, because those materials can burst at anytime.

“I think I need to repipe my home, what piping do you recommend?”

Dino's uses Wirsbo and it’s a 25 year warranty on piping material. Copper is also an option as it’s good but it’s also twice the price of material and labor.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your plumbing needs!

– Dino's Plumbing