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If you’re a Las Vegas local, you know we have hard water and if you’re reading this post you’re probably thinking about getting either a water softener or a whole house water conditioning system. We’ve already discussed in-depth about water softeners and information about Vegas water.

Whole House Water Solution System VS Traditional Water Softener (Chemical)

One of our favorite whole house water conditioning solution is the HALO 5 Water System and thus this comparison uses that as a basis. To understand the differences, it’s best to start with what a traditional water softener does not do:

  • Traditional water softeners do not filter water, it addresses hard water. Though many find it to taste better, a HALO 5 Water System filters water much alike water you drink from water bottles.
  • Because water softeners regenerate a couple times a week, it could potentially waste more than 150 gallons.

Here’s how a HALO 5 Whole House Water Treatment Solution differs from a traditional water softener:

  • Because HALO 5 systems have 4 stage filtration, it delivers highly filtered water throughout the house for the best taste.
  • No need to waste water, with regerated water, that’s great for plants and landscaping.
  • No maintenance required unlike traditional water softeners.
  • And requires no reverse osmosis like a traditional water softener would require.

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For more information about the HALO 5 Whole House Water Solution System and information about Las Vegas’ water pollution report, checkout the information packet here.

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